My Parents Believed Me When I Told Them He's A Bad Man So I Was Saved But Not Every Time

Juhi  Das Chowdhury Juhi Das Chowdhury in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 4 March, 2017

I was reading AkkarBakkar's story titled, "My Christian family has refused to believe what my brother did to me when I was 12". And it made me remember some of my ugly encounters of alleged child abuse. I was not too small at that time, might be in my late teenage years.

There was a man (some insurance agent by profession) who used to visit our house occasionally. Not that he was a very welcomed guest but a kind of intruder, who would pay us visits for no reason. My parents are the humblest people on earth and as a habit they would entertain him.

I never liked this man, not only because he was utterly stupid but also because he had lustful eyes (he looked over his spectacles, and now I have developed an allergy for such kind of people). So one fine day it so happened, that he came for his usual visits. My parents were not at home and I was alone with my kid brother and old granny (who was sleeping). The bell rang and I answered. I told him that parents aren't home, expecting him to leave from the doorstep.

But he kind of forced himself inside and came to my room where my brother and I were playing computer games. He asked me how my exams went and I said I fared well. He then, to my horror, tried to hug me.

I was scared to death and I put my head forward to avoid any physical contact. I then politely asked him to leave and come when my parents were back. Thankfully, he did. I don't know what else his intentions were but may be because I had two more (however weak) people at home, I was safe.

When my parents returned, I told my mom that he had come and I didn't like him. Although I didn't tell her what he did but her motherly instinct understood that something was wrong. She believed me, but didn't tell dad.

After some days, I saw him again, when I was attending a religious ceremony with my parents. He came to greet us and I told him on his face that I did not want to talk to him. My mom ignored him too but dad was shocked at our behavior. Humiliated, he left.

Dad later asked me and mom the reason for our strange behavior and I said, "He is not a good man." I know that dad believed me because his angry expression changed to a concerned one.

I am happy that I was saved from a potential molester and that I have such understanding parents, who believed their young daughter and not an older stranger. He never visited again.

That was a story when I was lucky but not every time have I been so lucky. I feel I have had endless encounters of sexual harassment, right from my childhood to my adulthood. I learnt it the hard way the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. But I do not want it to happen to my kids.


Author's Note:

So please do believe your child when he/she says that they do not like a certain person. Counsel them, try to go the roots of the child's behavior and dig out the reason. Most of the time the child will be too traumatized to tell you why.