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My Life Is Beautiful But It Feels Incomplete, I Don't Know Why

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My life is beautiful. I had written in many diaries to myself, but all of a sudden I thought of sharing something with people.

I am a young girl with many dreams and aspirations and as I am an Indian girl, I am taught to be cultured, mannered and cautious. I feel my life is complete with the blessings of God, my parents, the company of my siblings and friends.
But all the time I sit quietly and think that there is something missing. Maybe they are answers.

I have always seen every part of life in two different aspects- one as good and the other as bad. It's just that in a particular situation, our mind is just biased with one aspect. And as we all know, the best part of our life is our childhood.

Childhood is just biased with the goodie-goodie things. But as we grow up, life becomes more realistic and practical. All our thoughts and understandings that are blindly believed to date seem to fluctuate.

There comes my confusion. As I am growing up every day, I am seeing some bitter truths of my life, like, mom does not know everything, papa may be wrong too, teachers may have wrong information, friends may cheat, siblings might hate.

Just like a single cell to multi-cell growth, our life becomes more complex day by day from birth to death. I don't know whether I am right or wrong! But is it right as humans forget to be human and live life casually, ignoring anyone's pain other than our own?

As humans, we're most eligible to understand ourselves and we still fail to understand another human! It's not that we don't know to understand, but we choose not to and complicate our lives day by day. We coat our minds with the "let it be" and "leave it" attitude and continue to live. And this complicated person then turns into a parent and teaches their innocent and simple child to live their life. And that child learns half from the parent and half from the parent's personality.

If we are really good and broad-minded, why don't we analyse what everyone says, why do we prefer to block them, and why don't we have spaces for views which oppose ours?

I don't know whom to blame. Is it my mind which was really biased with the goodie thing in my childhood, or is it me myself who has made my mind so complicated by blocking every other view which objects my views?

Although my life is beautiful, it is not complete. It is left vacant somewhere because of these untold "Answers".

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