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Mira Rajput, Working Moms Aren’t “Cruel” and Babies That Are Left At Home Aren’t “Puppies”

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I hope you all have come across an interview of Mira Rajput, wherein she slammed the entire women working community, especially married women or mothers who earn for their family.

Well, what she said is absolutely her point of view. So, this post is not meant to offend anyone. One of the strangest things that I heard in her interview was, “Misha (her daughter) is not a puppy and hence, I cannot stay with her for an hour and then, rush back to work. I want to spend every moment with her.”

That was very sweet of her but the ‘puppy’ remark is a tight slap on the faces of all the working women, who leave their child at home, under the care of a nanny or relative.

Let me tell you my opinion. It’s okay not to work after your marriage. Looking after your new abode, new relations, including your in-laws is an appreciation worthy task. But that is natural. Looking after your husband’s family, comes as a gift along with your marriage. That’s your duty and you cannot deny that. I have a couple of friends or cousins of mine, who have taken a break after marriage or delivery, and have returned back to work, post their marriage or pregnancy period.

I strongly believe that sometimes, handling both an extraordinary personal life and a professional life simultaneously, can make you a classy woman. True! Times have changed and I am sure, today every family is proud to have a working lady as their daughter-in-law.

I would definitely love to work after my marriage because I do not want to put the entire financial responsibility on my husband. Maybe I won’t earn as much as him, but yes, I can make a contribution to run the family. I have seen men working in the kitchen and cooking food for their family (during emergencies only), then why can’t we as women, share their burden?

You cannot expect your husband to take care of your family (parents or siblings) financially. At least, I do not want to ask my husband for money all the time. When you earn for your family, you earn respect in the society.

Having a kid should never stop you from following your passion or it should never be considered as an excuse. Yes, it’s true that once you have a baby, you have to devote 90% of your time and attention to the little one. You can take a break from your professional life. Once your child gets comfortable staying back with your in-laws or parents, you can focus on your career.

Remember, blaming your child for a failed career is the act of a coward woman.

If you go to work post your maternity leave, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love your child or don’t care for the kid. It simply implies that you are helping your husband in making the life of your baby simpler, smoother, and happier. And why to worry, when you are leaving your child with your parents or mother-in-law?

If you go to work and leave your child at home, it doesn’t make your child synonymous to a ‘puppy’. Just notice the smile and happiness on your baby's face when you get back home. It would be immeasurable. 

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