Marriage For A Daughter In Northeast India Means This

Anonymous Anonymous in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 13 May, 2017

This isn't about a specific incident, it's about how lucky a girl is if she's born in Northeast India.

While the mainstream Indians are bothered about how to accumulate a huge sum of money to marry off their daughters, here in NE daughters are never a headache to their parents. Marriages out here are simple yet worth remembering.

If a girl's parents wish to marry off their daughter with just one pair of clothing, that isn't looked at as a problem. The first priority is to get their daughters educated. We are free to choose our career and we draw our track in life. I have a real life incident to narrate.


My neighborhood uncle happens to be a daily wage earner who manages to buy two meals for his family. He recently married his younger daughter off to an educated guy who holds a decent job.

Had it been any other state, this man would have to sell off his land to meet the expenses of the marriage. But here in Assam, we treat a marriage in our neighborhood, as a marriage in our own family.

The whole village collected money and resources required to conduct a marriage. Believe me when I say this, the girl's father didn't get a chance to spend a single rupee.

As far as dowry is concerned, the groom's parents were happy that they were taking home a daughter for their family.

Well, this is a simple incident but when I read about bad marriages and the ones demanding dowries, I can't thank my stars enough that I was born in the North East!