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Life Sucks But Maybe It Is All About Asking The Right Questions At The Right Time

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Life, as we know it, sucks! I know this might resonate with a lot of people but this is what we do not want to hear anyway. I am a very negatively positive person - what does that mean, you ask? I welcome a lot of negative thoughts pondering on what I could have done and what I should have done and what I am not doing right now, but after a lot of self-pitying, I still feel that whatever I did was the right thing to do. Why? Because I am a God fearing person at the end of the day. I believe in Gita and what Krishna said.

I believe that karma has a lot to do with what we suffer through.

Anyway, a lot of what I feel, I do and believe. I am a very liberal person, somewhat of a pushover, and quite easy. All these still do not make me a person whom you can take for granted. I take a stand. I have my own thought process and have my own beliefs. We all have our beliefs and we all feel that what we feel is right. But do you think you are actually right? If you do then why do so many people not agree with us? That is because everybody has their own thought process. Our thoughts and beliefs are so much influenced by our upbringings, our parents, our friends, our communities. You name it and we are influenced by it.

Do you reckon with it? Or are you just repelled by it? Do you feel like the person writing this is insane bringing her own thoughts around and feeling this is how the rest of the world works?

I do not blame you. I blame our society for making us this way. Most of us are born and brought up in confined and secure environments where feeling insecure or thinking out of the box is considered insane. Feeling loved and wanted is what we lure for. We want to be caressed and hugged by the people who would just take care of us and make us feel wanted. But is that the ultimate truth that we yearn for? Will this help us in any way? Will this make us strong or just overly dependent and sucked into the never-ending mess? Let me know. I am still trying to figure out who am I.

A pushover, a believer, a tyrant, a self believer or just a regular vanilla person?

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