Just Remember That Winning At Life Means Nobody Loses

Medhavi Medz Medhavi Medz in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 23 May, 2017

Life is a circle of events. The chapter we left incomplete and moved on thinking that it would never come in our way crosses our life in a manner that we certainly can't afford to ignore.

We have to face it, answer all the questions and justify the past acts. It's not possible to complete everything that you start, but make sure you don't leave it incomplete at the cost of hurting someone or breaking someone down. And if you do it, be prepared and be man enough to face the same in future.

It's not possible to win every argument or fight or competition, but it's possible to perform and give your best. You may not get the result there and then, but you'll certainly get the result of the hard work at some point of time- if not for yourself then for somebody else- and you'll get it, and then you might get the answer of why you failed the last time.


Your friends change with age and time. Not because they stop caring but they stop investing. By investing, I mean to say investing emotions and time in friendship. People start thinking in terms of long-term benefits; whether the person is useful or useless, whether he will be of any professional or personal work or not, is he influential or just a nobody.

Very few people remain the way they are, that is, they consider the person as a human being and not an economic and profitable investment.

Similarly, with love- your partner remains with you in all the ups and downs, but for how long? A year, or two, or three at max. and then their priorities change because by then, they have realised that they have invested enough time and emotions in you; and hence, now they can take you for granted and keep you with them.

I won't say its based gender- the guys do it and the girls do it, but one person definitely does it. So it becomes important to make them realise that we are humans and not just a mere investment. You want attention, give attention, you want love, give love. Don't let your work suffer or relationship suffer along with it.

Remember always that work comes and goes, money is transitory. These things can be earned again, but the person who is your friend, family member or lover, once lost won't come back.

That's how life is... mean, short and selfish and you can't be just the giver because, by the end of the day, you too need care, you too need attention, you too need someone to ask how your health was and how your day was.

So don't just give in to relationships, take love and care in return and on the other hand, don't just take from relationships, give too. Because life is too unpredictable, you can't say or guarantee that the person who you are with today will remain the same loving person, or the relationship will remain the same, or the situations will be sunny forever because life slaps hard and slaps when you least expect any flaws.

Be happy and keep others happy, pray for people, God will take care of you. Spread smiles, talk to strangers, watch movies alone, laugh out loud, climb the terrace and scream loud to take off anger but don't take it out on your loved ones and just find simpler ways to stay happy.

Holding a grudge or keeping yourself sad won't change anything. Neither the person who is responsible for your sadness will come back nor anything will change- just smile and make your heart lighter and days brighter because, by the end of the day, you are your own best friend!
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