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It's Not Valentine's Day But This Is How Your Life Can Still Be An Expression Of Love

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Love is the most intimate feeling. There are no boundaries to love and it is certain that no two people who are in love, are similar. One could be practical, steady, dependable and patient while the other could be a free spirit, impatient and a dreamer. One may want to be alone sometimes while others may love to be surrounded by people all the time.

Undoubtedly, when there are so many differences, it becomes difficult to demonstrate your love.

Two people love each other but what differentiates them is the way they show it. It’s a challenge to make your spouse feel loved and it does not matter how much you love him/her until you could translate it in a way that they know. Your good intentions will be worth nothing if you miss this mark. Actions indeed speak louder than words, when it comes to love.

‘Love is deaf, you cannot just tell someone that you love them, you have to show it’

It is not as simple as it sounds and many of us usually miss the importance of expressing love. Generally, we end up with the things that we would want. There is a huge difference between what your partner wants and what you want. This difference can be seen in the gifts you buy, the words you say and the time that you spend together. For instance, if your partner loves to do the activities like going to matches, watching action movies or attending music concerts then go for it and confess your impeccable love in a way that he feels it in his core. 'Surprise' is another language of love and most of the females love it (a certain number of males also do). If you have been looking for the ways to make her feel loved, surprise her with a gift that she was once expecting and now she has forgotten completely.

Fix something that she did not know about or take her on a spontaneous adventure. Just go out of your way to surprise her anyway. Moreover, the feeling of love is not only in the action but also in the efforts made.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a gift you are buying, the words you are saying or the time you are spending keeping your partner’s wishes in mind. Deliberately do what they would do and give something they would want, even though it does not make sense to you. Because love demands to be felt not only on Valentine’s Day or any specific day but also throughout the year, show it the way that makes sense to him or her and what makes them feel like they are special to you. Keep confessing your love!

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