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Dear TVF Guys, I'm Just Another Woman Who Felt Dirty After Meeting Your Boss

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear TVF guys,

Thank you for replying to one of the many women your boss found it appropriate to touch, look, feel, because he could pay her a salary. Thank you for trying your level best to tell many women like her to shut up and watch the show by saying, "We will leave no stone unturned to find the author of the article and bring them to severe justice for making such false allegations." Just like your boss left no stone unturned to treat every woman's body as his property, including mine, for a reason only he can explain. To you and to us.

I am extremely sorry to break it to you — your threat only makes us stronger because it's not one but many of us fighting this fight. Your boss made one too many mistakes. Whether it were thighs or waist or just any naked part of your body, the man felt like he owned it all if you sat or stood next to him.

Some day this had to happen. I'm not talking about karma here, I'm talking about all the points of failure he left behind to keep his desperate self satisfied. Just like many other dreamers in this country, I looked up to Arunabh as well but how I wish I hadn't ever met him. How I wish I hadn't walked out of that party wondering if I showed too much excitement that made him feel a bit too comfortable with me. 

He said he'd introduce me to the world, and he did, with his hand squeezing my waist. I didn't think it would but it felt sleazy. If it were any other guy, I'd have asked him to back the f*** out, but this was Arunabh. I felt uncomfortable but I said nothing. As he and I parted that night, I felt a bit dirty. I came to tell the man about my big bold ideas, I was left feeling somewhat, discounted. 

Till date I wonder what a molester gets out of the slightest touch of a woman's body, it's really just a second of something I'll never be able to understand. Well that's what Arunabh can explain, because he touches and touches or rubs subtly but enough for a woman to know what he's doing.

And he took it for granted, he took it for granted that women don't go against rich, powerful men. He was wrong, so wrong. With money comes power and with power come responsibilities but your poor boss ignored the latter for his basic needs of touching women at his own convenience. 

I agree, he's a respectable man and he has his own inspiring start up story to back that argument and sadly, it often overpowers the male chauvinist pig mentality that he oh-so-brilliantly hides under that red hat of his. I almost get it, I almost empathize as well. I mean here's a small town guy who made it exceptionally well after being rejected by a couple of biggies in a big city, he's bound to react in one way or the other. And he did react. He couldn't handle all the fame he got overnight. 

To the world he wanted to be the down-to-earth founder of a million dollar company but he needed to throw his power around somewhere, so he chose women. The women who'd have never given him attention otherwise.    

The man was an outsider and he achieved his dreams head on and I'm sure you guys made him your God, so did I once upon a time. But, that gives him no right to treat humans as objects just because he can, or he could. 

He will clearly pay for his mistakes after all the evidence that's out there now but this letter is not for him, it's for you — grow a conscience. 

-just one of those women you want to come after. 

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