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I'm Forced To Believe In God Because There Is No Hope For Us In This Cruel World

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There is nowhere left to run, is there?

In 2012, when we witnessed the ghastly rape of Nirbhaya we begged, pleaded and fought for justice. Even as we were fighting, every day brought a new horror story of rape and violence. Sexual assault just became the everyday reminder that life wasn't good.

Then came the Ryan murder case. We still have no idea who the culprit is. Total f**king mystery. Again, our long battle started, pleading for quick justice. I don't know how I had ended up believing that our world might be changing when it clearly hasn't. Whatever appears to be changing is sparkly from a distance, and evil at its core. The Ryan case is proof that children and especially little boys are not safe.

Girls have always taken the flak for being victims. We are criticized for the clothes we wear, for being outgoing, and for making friends with men. Are these legitimate reasons for getting raped? No matter what clothes a woman is wearing, she's prone to sexual assault.

Sex, like hunger and anger, is primal. If a depraved man is prone to be violent, he'll be violent with whichever poor woman crosses his path. Well, forget women.

A man raped a female dog in Delhi. What did the poor dog do? They found the poor dog bleeding heavily. Where is our humanity?

Why are we forced to make a life in a world that is so cruel and violent? What did that poor little school girl do? Her PE teachers locked her up in the bathroom, showed her porn and assaulted her. What was her fault?

Why is this violence born within our men?

Nowadays, charity, mercy, benevolence, kindness, humanity all are merely the words, I bet. These inhuman traits clearly symbolize that.

What can we blame? Our upbringing? Obviously not.

Where should we go? How can we bring some relief to the world? Whose turn is it next? It could very well be someone you know dearly. It could very well be you. These creeps are everywhere. These creeps are even people you know. It's like you're swimming in a shark tank and you have no escape.

No human, young or old, man or woman is safe. No animal is safe. Only God can show us mercy now. I really hope, for our sake, that God will act.

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