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If This Was The Last Day Of Your Life, What Would You Do With Your Love?

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We all have a tendency to crib about the problems we are facing in our lives, however small the problems could be. Sometimes I feel that there is actually no problem, but a problem and suffering created forcibly out of certain perspectives we hold. Life is meant to be lived. This universe has bestowed on us the beautiful gift of Life and that too in human form. Be grateful for it. Live each day as if it was your last day. Help mankind around you. Yes, you could be in pain due to some problems, but there are people who are facing a lot more pain than you.

Be grateful for having a good job, a good family, good friends, good health. There are ample reasons to be happy about. Express gratitude about it.

Over a period of years, life has taught me to be grateful for what I have. When I write this, I analyze myself too. Yes, I do feel sad about a certain problem in my life, however, that is momentary. Like a phoenix, I learn to let go of the emotion of sadness and dullness and I am happy again. This makes me stronger and I am able to deal with any problem easily.

The average life expectancy in India is 68-78. At 30, as I am writing this, I have probably 38 years more to live. That is only 456 months more! And I have so much more to do.

Fall in love with someone you can die for, respect and love your parents, patch up with an old friend, let go of the grudges, stop being jealous of someone who is doing better than you at work, don’t fight with your loved ones, never break anyone’s trust. Instead, utilize this time to spread love, help people, make this society a better place to live for the next generation. Don’t take life for granted. Take trips, explore the world, meet new people, appreciate and respect nature. Express your love to your spouse and parents, take time off your work and give your parents a call often. The power of expression is very important. Imagine you wake up today, and you were told that this is the last day of your life, the last few hours. You would be appalled that you didn’t tell your wife how much you loved her. You didn’t spend enough time with your parents to express gratitude for all that they have done for you.

You will regret each moment of your past for running in a rat race and taking life for granted.

The power of love is immense. It has a supreme capacity to overcome all the emotions of anger, disgust, hatred, jealousy and sadness that you carry within. The moment you show love towards even your enemy, you can instantly forgive that person, let go of the hatred for that person.

This will only make you feel better, keep you mentally at peace and will make you happy.

Being in our society, you will be compelled to be in the rat race, to achieve something materialistic like money, house, car etc. I am not saying don’t do it, but just don’t let it overpower the essence of your life. Live your life to the fullest, fulfil your dreams, love everyone around you, value important people in your life and express yourself.

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