If Somebody Records Us In History, This Is What They'll Say We Did To Women

Manudev  Jain Manudev Jain in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 3 May, 2017

As a guy, when you look back at the barbarism of history, the savagery of past- the world wars, the holocaust, the partition massacre- you thank your stars that you are born in an era which is relatively turmoil free. Which, in a way, respects your general liberty, your right to live freely without a fear of imminent death, war-zone torture or perpetual harassment.

As a girl, you live that nasty brutal history every day, over and over again. You get out of your house, almost invariably in a fear of being emotionally molested. Those soul puncturing stares, those spirit stabbing comments, those nerve wrecking attempts to grab and hold. Of course, the list goes on...

To be fair, we murder your dignity every other day. We toy with your will to live a fear-free life. Yes, just a normal care free life. That’s what you want. Is it too much to ask? Definitely not. The world is slave trade free, at least so they say. You’re not slaves. Not in chains. But thanks to our silence, our collective silence, you are still caged.

Caged in the degrading past. Caged in the struggle for a decent existence. Caged in the repetitive time loop of masochistic brutality.

In Delhi you’re raped. In Bhopal you are drugged. In Bangalore you are molested. But but but, we take pride in calling ourselves ‘civilized’. In a relatively good mood, we don’t even hesitate to call ourselves ‘human’. And when boozed up, we deliver great speeches on gender equality. I hope it all helps when some of us are chasing you on a dimly lit street to ravage your body, and with it your every single idea of human dignity.

Going by the present scenario, if ever some alien life form decide to pen down the history of human-kind. They will work out to separate timelines. The first timeline would describe the 21st century when men of the world started living a civilized life. Other would be about some 34th century when women of the world finally were released from their centuries of emotional servitude and ages of subordinated fearful existence.

Now, if my contemporary men have even an iota of shame left, they would not leave the other half-of-the-world in a centuries long struggle for basic rights. They would not make them suffer the silent holocaust. Yeah, ‘if’.

Editor's Note:

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