If Drinking During Festivals Is Acceptable Then Leave Us Alone On Other Days

Anonymous Anonymous in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 21 March, 2018

It happened when I was in college. I was very young and excited and worked hard to be in the good books of teachers all the time. The first year of my college was good enough. As I was a bit too much of an extrovert, everyone got quite overwhelmed by me and yet, they gossiped about other people to me. Many teachers also liked me as I would respond well in class.

So, during our study leave, my friends and I thought of trying something exotic as college felt too boring and since I was in a nursing college, there were only 2 guys in our class.

On 13th of July around 11 pm, we thought of drinking and asked one of the guys to bring us a bottle of magic moments. Yes, it was a bit chaotic as in a single room, 8 people were sitting and drinking and creating a lot of noise. So, a few of my classmates from the opposite room came and told us to stop all the nonsense. The very next day, we found out that the teachers somehow came to know that we were drinking. After our exams, when second-year classes started, a tutor who was staying in our hostel itself summoned a few of the students to her cabin and started questioning them. Although nobody had the guts to disclose anything, yet we knew that we were vulnerable.

Days passed by very horribly as we were under constant scrutiny.

There was this professor, who was on the disciplinary committee. So, one fine day due to some work, I went to meet her and that was the day of judgement or, so it seemed like. I cried and told madam that this torture and harassment by the professors is unbearable. I told her that we never had hard drinks and that our own students wanted to push us down. My dad is too upset to listen to all this and he even wanted to email the principal regarding it. As we were in a private college, she possibly got afraid and assured me that everything will be alright. That was the day after which I got the right to crack the joke forever, as I had succeeded in fooling the “greatest of the brains” as she was known. And since it's my personal life, I don't think people have the right to interfere in my personal space.

When hostel wardens and students can drink bhaang on Holi then why can't we drink? Stop criticizing and let live!
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