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I Want To Live In An India That Gives Equal Citizen Rights To Sex Workers And Prostitutes

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Prostitution in India is not a new age profession, and it is one of the oldest professions in the world. Whether it is on the footpath that she stands or uses technology to get in touch with prospects and customers, it is a commonplace practice all over India. It is depressing to hear their stories. Most of the sex workers come from poor families and are forced to take this route because there is no other way to make ends meet.

Majority of them are bought up in slums and are provoked by their families to take it up and bring some money on the table. It is like a trap that they are born into.

Sex workers are always abused by everyone, they never get any respect from anyone. Their industry has been bearing this treatment since the beginning of time. It started in the 6th century, around that time there were only 2 million prostitutes in India and now when we see the estimate, it lies at more than 14 million in India alone. These young girls and women, particularly those belonging to the socially and economically disadvantaged families, are more vulnerable to be initiated into the profession. They may be forced or even sold sometimes by the family members because of poverty and hunger issues. In some poor Indian villages, girls are trained from birth for a life of sexual domination in order to feed their families.

In Mumbai, we have 100,000 female prostitutes and it is considered as Asia's second largest center of sex trade.

Female prostitutes in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi and Muzaffarpur are tortured, held in virtual imprisonments, sexually abused, and raped. Prostitutes are not considered as bearers of right, they are not treated like humans, but merely sex objects. It is estimated that every hour, at least four to five women are embracing prostitution in India. Day by day, the trafficking of child prostitutes is increasing. Usually, these girls are not kept at one place for a long period of time. Every month, they are relocated to various cities or countries just to avoid any customer related issues and mainly for police detention.

Prostitution is legal in India, but brothel keeping, seeking or forcing people to get into the trade is punishable by law.

Many parts of the country, even after being developed economically and politically, still fail to acknowledge the prevailing mistreatment of sex workers. It is high time that the present scenario is changed and necessary steps should be taken to assure that those sex workers enjoy the same rights and laws, just like the other citizens. Their profession may be unconventional, but it is certainly not a crime. We can only hope for a future filled with joy, happiness and satisfaction for sex workers.

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