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I Became A Mother After Two Years Of Marriage, To Fur Babies And It Is Just As Fulfilling

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Being a mother to two dogs and one cat is surely an indescribable feeling. I am always chirpy when surrounded by them.

The only thing that's not-so-good is the fact that there's no space on the bed to sleep- for its one bed and 5 organisms sleeping on it!

After two years into marriage, my husband and I finally decided to adopt River. Surprisingly, one fine day, Noisy (our cat at present) took shelter from the rain at our house and then never left after that. In between, we did get a sibling for River. Noodle was rescued by my sister from a petrol pump.

Being a pet parent is undoubtedly a huge responsibility for you are indeed their whole world, but the infinite cuddles make it supremely easy!! There was this tradition that we used to do with our dogs before lockdown (our cat stayed back home). We used to go to Carter road twice a week. I love letting my dogs socialize and so I'd let them play in the dog park.

There's no iota of doubt that my life has changed drastically because of these munchkins. For instance, I'd always be in a hurry to come back home from work if I know they're alone. My partner and I go for vacations only to places that are pet-friendly. I consider that even if I have to go for a long shoot. Or else, we leave them with my parents. Nonetheless, they are our only priority.

Of course, our expenses have gone down because their expenses have gone up (laughs)! My babies always go to my husband for extra cuddles, and to get away with things after making an adorable face, but I sure discipline them well. I am strict with them, but yes, I am also the one who loves them the most.

I have had experiences with people mocking me for having animals for my children, and that’s okay because a lot of families have animals just as pets, but yes, it would have been a lot easier if people understood on their own.

Lastly, I’d just narrate this episode of epiphany for me and my husband. This new year’s, five of us sat with food, alcohol and realized at that very moment that nothing could be more beautiful than this.. It all felt so surreal and yet so complete!

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