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I Accidentally Squeezed Out Extra Toothpaste: The Mess It Made Cleared Some Confusions

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*Squeezing the toothpaste*

I have had a  "writer's block" for a long period now and honestly, it would have stayed if I had not squeezed some extra toothpaste out of the tube today.

Firstly, I do not understand why people use so much toothpaste when just a little can do the job equally well. People have always laughed at me for asking this question but I still take only a small quantity to brush my teeth.

Secondly, if you’ve noticed, we always press the tube from the top to take the paste out, after which, the tube gets deformed and that’s when we start pressing it from the bottom.

Now you might be thinking why am I talking about a toothpaste like this?

So, here is the inference- why do you take unnecessary tension when life can be lived just like that? Why do you overthink when it is not even required? People these days, including me, have this habit of getting tensed about anything and everything.

Oh! I am getting so fat, Oh! the assignment, Oh! Why did I do this?, Oh! The future!

Now seriously, can getting tensed help you in any way possible? Most of the time, it actually creates anxiety and reduces your efficiency, and what you were fearing will definitely happen in such a case.

Now, for the squeezing from the bottom part: what I mean to say is you do not always have to put your brains into everything, sometimes you need to think from your heart. We spoil so many relationships just because we are being rational; we fail to express ourselves because showing too much of love might get awkward.

People, listen! You do not have eternity to live- we are petty mortals with little time and a lot to live for. Go ahead and live, break free, and enjoy. Make some irrational choices and live your life!

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