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From Breaking A Toy To Breaking A Heart, We've Come A Long Way

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“You have that positive vibe in you, how can you think of wanting to quit living?” This one question made me realize that we have to look for positivity within ourselves. We have to appreciate life more and complain less. From the breaking of a toy to the breaking of a heart, we've all come a long way. From looking for someone else to blame for that broken piece, we have realized along the way, the magnitude of our own actions.

But honestly, we are our own care takers. The sooner we realize this, the better.

We might think that a toy broke because someone else threw it and our heart broke because we let someone toss it, well that is not how it works. We let someone else take control over our things, we gave someone else the right to damage it.

And what's done can't be undone, but if only we could take the responsibility of our own deeds, we'll be able to provide more acceptance and peace to our mind, body and soul.

Similarly, we ourselves are the true source of happiness and positivity in our own lives. When we have a healthy body and mind, a supportive family and a classic group of friends, we have more than enough to face the cruel world and their mean scrutiny. If anyone else, apart from these people give you a suggestion on how you should lead your life or change your lifestyle, you can give them a patient ear and forget about it.

Because they aren't really the people who were by your side when life-changing things happened to you. Seek that smile within yourself and catch the infectious one from the faces of your loved ones, and you are bound to get that curve on your lips which sets everything right. The world can talk, the public can pull you down, but hey girl, you can't let anyone dull your sparkle. You can't let anyone else have a control over your emotions.

Never lose that hope to live, because your life is connected to the 25 people who love you, and not to the 25,000 people who need you as a topic for gossip. The day you learn to live for yourself and the ones who matter, nothing else will matter more than that.

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