Every Indian Love Story Is Proof That The Fault Truly Lies In Our Stars

Anonymous Anonymous in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 2 April, 2018

I’m a 24-year-old girl from Chennai and come from a very conservative family. I’ve finished my studies and as it happens in all families in India, my parents have decided it’s time to now look for a prospective groom. I agree with them; don’t get me wrong.

Everything was going well in my life. But it became beautiful and positive when a guy came into my life. I won’t say that he’s the first, but he’s definitely different from the others I have met.

All stories are unique and special; so I’d like to take share ours.

I received a message on Facebook from a complete stranger, three years ago on Facebook. And this one person kept on messaging on and off. Out of curiosity, I replied to his message and asked if he knew me. His reply, “I don’t know you, but would like to be your friend.”

And that’s how it began.

We texted all day and through the night too. I felt a strong connection to him and I don’t know when, but soon realized I had fallen for him. Within around ten days, I was head over heels in love with him; I even asked him out. He accepted and we were happy.

He was 28-years-old and belonged to the same community as I did and he’s everything that my parents want from a son-in-law: the perfect groom for their daughter. As you know, life is not always a bed of roses. We found ourselves facing a problem within a month.

Our horoscopes did not match.

As both our families have had bitter experiences and irreplaceable losses because of horoscopes not matching, they insisted that we couldn’t be together. They forced us to stop talking to each other, but they couldn’t stop us. No matter how much they tried.

We can’t accept this but we both know that we need to face it. We aren’t able to accept this reality.

I will tell you one thing about us; I’m a 24-year-old girl my only one and only love is a 28-year-old and I’m the only one in his life. Now tell me, what else does a girl want? I can’t afford to lose him but I have no choice.

He’s my life, my addiction, but in a positive way. I don’t know what to do now; how do I save us from our stars?


Editor's Note:

Share this story, because it's time we stop looking at the stars for answers, especially when it comes to marriage.