Dear Society, Are You Sure This Is The Right Century For You To Still Break Women?

Sifat Amreen Sifat Amreen in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 4 July, 2018

In some cultures, there still isn’t much to talk about women in general. This is considered a controversial topic in various opinions, perspectives and rumours can be spread about it. But has one ever thought about the significance of a woman in one’s life? To be honest, no one can ever highlight the significance of a woman in one’s life if one hasn’t cared enough for her or valued her.

It may sound harsh but many people and societies are still oblivious to the reality of women.

Truth be told, one can never understand why a woman is so important for us to live. Her role, her capabilities are all unnoticed and never nurtured. She’s a forced object in a world where men are dominated and women are forced to follow men everywhere. Her thoughts, her ideologies, her philosophical point of views, her beliefs, seem very minimal, vague, baseless and unimportant in the man’s world in such societies. Is it fair for a woman to be criticized, abused, tortured, dominated and brutally hurt? Is it right for a man to pinpoint on her image that is as pure and sacred as a newborn baby is, simply because she is a woman who wants to rule the male-dominated society for once?

Without knowing the real ulterior motive behind her decision to rule, is it fair on one’s part to force her to keep mum on something she so daringly wishes to accomplish?

For once, wear her shoes and walk in them. Hopefully, then the society will acknowledge how difficult it is for a woman to stand with pride and be herself gracefully. It’s inevitable that every person born on this Earth has come through a woman’s womb. It’s because of a woman that one sees the light after 9 months of being sheltered in her womb. It’s not just scientific logic, but also Almighty Allah’s gift. Nature has given women enough strength and power to carry an infant in her womb for 9-10 months which is highly unthinkable for a man. That’s the main difference between a man and a woman’s capability. Career-wise, education wise men can raise the bar for a woman to compete but when it comes to natural beauty, a man can never do what a woman has been doing for so long and shall continue to do till eternity.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because it holds true even today. Many societies are still holding their women back because they are intimidated by them.