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Dear Men, I Just Want To Say That You Owe Us Nothing

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Men,

I would like to thank all of you who are supporting us women get equal rights. Who let us live our lives as human beings and not a commodity or property. Thank You.

Many of you think that women are weak and will never be able to contribute professionally the way men do.

Women have many privileges such as 3 reserved cars in local trains, 10-12 seats in a bus and 2 cars in a metro. You think we can fight for alimony and child support,  can get someone behind bars with fake accusations and that we don't even take male rape seriously... Right?


Just like how not all men are rapists or masters of patriarchy, not all women are behind your money or would send you behind bars if displeased.

We don't hate men; we hate the disgusting treatment some of them shamelessly bestow upon us. And we have to be okay with it because of our sanskar.

There is an ongoing argument between men and women over 'Paid Period Leave'. I honestly do not know whether it's fair or not, but personally, for me, such a step is a blessing in disguise.

I suffer from extremely painful periods where I get cramps, vomiting, loose motions, body ache, heavy bleeding and other terrible symptoms. But my colleagues can assure you that I have never turned my back on hard work. Professionally, I work in the entertainment field, which comes with the tagline "The show must go on".

I have worked with periods, fevers, and stomach aches too.

I have covered for my male colleagues and helped them finish their presentations when they were feeling under the weather. 

I still don't know whether 'Paid Period Leave' was ethically a right move or not.  A lot of our male and female colleagues disagree with the decision, while many colleagues are breathing a sigh of relief. 

But if you ask me on humanitarian grounds, bless those companies that have such policies. 

I now work at a fabulous place that grants me the option of leave as well as work from home. The leniency and human approach has made me more loyal to my company and I actually respect my seniors and workplace.

With my male colleagues being absolutely supportive and concerned during my periods or a sick day makes me realize that we are not alone in this.

We have the support of understanding, evolved and wonderful men. 

So, thank you for understanding. You owe us nothing as we owe you nothing.

The fact that we offer our support to each other in time of need makes us equal, and our status of men and women is converted into humans.

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