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Dear Indian Parents, Stop Raising Your Girl Children As Princesses That Need Saving

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*For representational purpose only.

I am writing this as a request to the World, please raise your daughters to be stronger than your sons. Life is not always going to be as smooth as we want. It has its detours and ways of surprising us, and no one can predict what the future holds. It is difficult to be prepared for life in long run.

Being a girl, it is all the more difficult because you are brought up under a safeguard, pampered to the core and always treated like princess. Mothers and fathers, a sincere request. Please make your daughters strong enough to participate in the race of life.

The world is brutal. People want to pull you down when you are falling. People just want to talk behind your back, screw you and make fun of you. They want you to be the subject matter of their trivial discussions. If you are growing and achieving, they will envy you. If you are sad, they will not sympathize with you and instead will ask you what’s wrong for their gossip juice.

Apart from teaching us how to do household chores for our “future” - cooking, washing, cleaning and mopping, please teach us how to be strong, how to fight, how to go on in life, how to be independent, how to live without parents, how to make decisions in life independently and most importantly, how to stand up for our rights.

Please don’t teach us to shut our mouths in front of our in-laws, rather teach us to fight for our self-respect. Please don’t teach us that cooking is a mandate and if we are working then we have to manage both and balance our lives. Please don’t let us become a slave to ourselves, give us the wings with which we can fly high. Please don’t teach us to sacrifice our career and professional lives for sake of motherhood. Please don’t let us just look beautiful from the outside, give us the inner beauty of strength that we can look into the eye of any person and stay strong in every situation of life. Give us the happiness that comes with being a girl. Give us the strength so that we can give it back to the molesters. Don’t make us dumb human beings who have to live in her husband’s house for the sake of peace in life. Don’t make us sacrifice our inner strength and the lives that we want to live.

Being in India, and coming from a conservative background, I am not proud of myself even after having a double graduation and a professional degree. We must give up our dreams of achieving growth in our professions because we are not men.

We are required to do multitasking - preparing meals, doing laundry, part-time work, cleaning, and keeping everyone happy. Maybe everyone is happy but, we are certainly not. Dear India, your women are not happy. I am looking forward to a better life in my next birth.

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