Dear Emotional Fans: Ashwin Didn't Thank Dhoni But Thanked His Wife, How Dare He

Sifar Aks Sifar Aks in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 27 December, 2016

In a country, where emotions run high, it has become a national pass time to get offended and feel outraged. Bollywood, Cricket and Politics is the unholy troika, that is always at the receiving end of this scrutiny.

Even the most unassuming, slip-under-the-radar kinda cricketer isn’t spared. R. Ashwin, the champion All-Rounder. For the un-initiated 'thank you' note on the latest outrage, here is what happened. Ashwin won two of the most prestigious awards one could win in cricket. Well that had everyone going gaga over his skills. However, most of Dhoni’s fans couldn’t control their angst at it. Not because Dhoni didn’t win the award, but because Ashwin didn’t mention Dhoni in his speech while thanking people behind his success.

And right there was the trigger for the most expected outrage.

Yes, everyone knows where Ashwin started and how he had repeated backing of MSD all along his career. No one can deny that, even Yugpurush-Arvind Kejriwal hasn’t asked for that proof. But for the sensitive-as-the-“touch me not” Dhoni fans, Ashwin won this award under Kohli, for his performance in Test Matches. Read: TEST MATCHES, a format, MSD doesn’t play anymore. It is only obvious that he thanked his current captain. He even thanked Kumble, who he has hardly played under.

Would you thank your primary school teacher for where you are in life today? A resounding NO.

Yes, it would have been nice to mention MSD, but to each his own. Sample this, Ashwin thanked his wife before thanking Kumble and Kohli. I'm quite certain she doesn’t keep wickets or bats when he bowls in the nets. Doesn’t teach him to hone the carom ball. Hell, she doesn’t even carry the drinks on the field. But he had a note of thanks from him to her and it has nothing to do with cricket. I love Dhoni. In fact, I place Dhoni above Sachin/Ganguly/Kohli for his sheer match-winning ability and that too with limited batting skills. But that doesn’t mean I will go ahead and rob a cricketer of praise, just because he didn’t praise a player I love. Come on man.

You are the same cricket fans, who didn’t feel offended when Kohli said he has won India more matches than anyone else and that he should be spared the scrutiny. Yes, this was after the 2015 cricket world cup. That my friend requires outrage. Not this.

For the MSD-ian brigade, Kohli wasn’t world class when he started. Dhoni persisted with him, so much so he took a 22-year-old to the World Cup 2011. So let us be happy that there are two match winners, in Kohli and Ashwin, who were forged in the Dhoni furnace. No, I won’t mention Sir Jadeja till he stops his weird sword-dance-celebration.

Knowing Dhoni, who walked away each time after winning a laurel and let the team bask in the adulation, he wouldn’t mind what Ashwin said. He is above all of this. And I'm pretty sure so is R. Ashwin. The man just became the only Indian after Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar to have won the ICC Cricketer of the Year award, you really think he cares? Or he should? There's a reason why you're staring at your phone giving your unwarranted opinion while the 30-year-old is breaking records and making history. 

Just know — if Sachin and Ganguly gave the belief, Dhoni gave the steel.