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Dear Chris And Jonny, This Is How Coldplay Changed My Life: Thank You

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Chris and Jonny,

A simple thanks to you both wouldn't suffice for what you've given us: Coldplay. Not everyone knows that you were Christopher & Jonathan just like Joey & Chandler. 

Trust me the obscure Blue Room makes my blues go away and I feel really safe listening to "Safety"

Berryman and Will are the best add-ons one can ask for. From being "Pectoralz" to "Starfish", the journey would've been tough but you know naming it Coldplay was the breakthrough. Your songs mesmerize me in a way no one can.

From a college band to the most famous one, Coldplay is an inspiration to millions and you know it.

The British ruled our nation for years but you people will continue ruling our hearts forever with peace and love that is absolutely affordable. You own our hearts and I'm sure St. Peter will call your name. You still rule the world and the seas still rise when you intone. 

Tears come streaming down my face and everything gets fixed listening to "Fix you" and the blues turn yellow and jolly listening to "Yellow", the song that made you proud of yourselves and a gift we received.

William, you are the real drum champion and the guitar duo will always be the most handsome and sensational one the world will ever see. Thank you Chris Martin, thank you for the love and energy you spread on the stage every time and the surprises you give to the real fans. I'm sure someone's cancer was no longer a trouble because of your "Miracles". Chris, from your soothing voice to your astounding keyboard skills we couldn't have asked for anything better.

It was no less than a treat to watch you perform for Ariana and Manchester City with honest and true emotions. Your X & Y was not Math and we really appreciate it.

You made our "Heads full of dreams" and gave us "Adventures of lifetime"

Just like you, we wish to take our love down to the "Violet Hill" or go back to the start and call it "Magic", it being a literal adrenaline rush, a rush of blood to the head. Just when we felt low you had a "Paradise" for us and it fixed us which made us "Ever glow" again.

Thank you for telling us that despite the worst situations "Everything's not lost""Shiver", "Trouble" and "Panic" were just warning signs and god would always put a smile on our faces in the end. 

You taught us to live our life in Technicolor and what it meant when it was us against the world.

Thank you for the "Weekend Hymn" which brightens us up. Also, I remember that Rihanna was the happiest when you made her the princess of China, every teardrop would've been a waterfall for her. 

We wish you go "Up & Up" in your "Parachutes" with "High Speed" and "Sparks"

Just when we thought that this was the best, you hypnotized us with "Something just like this". Thank you for giving life to music and for the best confetti effects.

Thank you for the best "Limestone rock" and the pop Coldplay, thank you.

Yours truly,
The fan Scientist.

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