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Dear Akshay Kumar: I'm Grateful To You But It's Obviously Easier Said Than Done

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Dear Mr. Akshay Kumar,
Recently, you uploaded a video motivating women and demonstrating aggression towards the rogues of Bangalore. Millions of people including myself shared that video of yours because you spoke for all of us. You backed us all women on this unfortunate land. 

Your expressions and your eyes truly conveyed what all of us were looking for. At this time, when all we are surrounded with are misogynists, your message doing the rounds was very inspiring.

I must thank you for taking out the time to getting involved and for sharing your thoughts with us. Thank you for not being ignorant. I even read yesterday that you are going to teach self-defence to 1500 girls and again, I am so grateful to you for that. But I have a question for you.

You know the power of your industry in this country. We eat, sleep, talk Bollywood. So, do you think this is the least you could do? I'm sorry but because it is you, I expect more. I would have been overwhelmed if you could try and show the opposite of what you usually show in your movies. You may object by saying now that 'movies don't advocate disrespect towards women'.

But the fact is and you yourself know this very well that miscreants born in this country do take your movies very seriously.

Your so-called item songs where a lady gyrates to dirty lyrics, teach the molesters that it is totally acceptable to sing those dirty songs in any public place and tease a girl the way you show in those songs. You dress up your leading ladies and those background dancers in a way so their body exposure is maximum. Then you pinch their skin to make them shudder. 

Such dirty moves in your songs make us, the women, feel embarrassed. And the cherry on the cake is you getting an applause and whistles for the same. And huge huge profits.

And what do we get out of this? A piece of entertainment, which is full of derogatory acts towards us. And that bites us in the future because as you know, people in our country are not as educated as you and I. They get influenced, easily. 

Many of my fellow readers will disagree saying that I am a cheap thinker and not a modern woman. And I don't mind it. Yes, I am not modern as per your standards and I do feel offended when I see a woman in movies showing her legs or her cleavage in order to grab attention.

Yes I do feel offended when I listen to lyrics that I know will be sung on the streets by perverts to embarrass and molest us.

So, Mr. Kumar, if you can't make movies like Pink then at least don't do the opposite because what you show as entertainment turns out to be a nightmare for us. And yes I am not blaming Bollywood for the horrendous acts carried out in this country. But it's impact is huge and we know it. That mixed with the mindsets of those foolish perverts is a recipe to our misery. My point is, you can help! 

Like you tried uploading an inspirational video. Try showing us something that we can find respectful towards us. I wish I could write to all those women in your industry who have no issues being objectified.

But then who would listen to me when there are louder rants of modernization in the society.

Lastly, I am not sorry for saying this. Sadly, you or any of your fellow actor/actress can not be a role model for us. You people don't deserve to be.

This country hates its women and you people are encouraging this attitude.

You guys have the power, the platform to make a difference in the mindsets. Please, I beg of you, use it!  

Your truly,
A frustrated woman

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