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Breaking Up Is The Most Practical Thing About Love, But Read This Before You End It All

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This is not a story but a lesson which I learned from various stories of my life. This is an open letter to all those who believe in letting the people they once loved go for the sake of their own “self-proclaimed” values.

This is for the ones who fail to understand the reason for someone’s presence in their lives. The ones who fail to judge the importance of each and every relationship in their lives. This is especially for the ones who find themselves in the dilemma of choosing one relationship over the other. If you do not know what to do, you just need to stop here and read this.

Before I proceed, it is imperative for you to understand that no one comes without any reason in your life. God sends them to give a meaning to your life and if you keep on refusing those blessings by trying to be practical and prudent, then you just need to stop doing it right away.

Yes, my dear friend! Nothing comes without a reason.

It will either be a lesson or a blessing but if it’s meant to happen, it will. So stop pushing people out of your life. I have heard and experienced people taking a decision by counting the number of years of their relationship.

Does this even matter? A second, a minute, just a moment can change your life and you seriously count the number of years to decide whether the relationship would work or not? And on the basis of your so-called “prudent decisions”, you let people go? If this is the case, you seriously need to stop right here and trust your instincts. You need to look inside and ask your own self about the importance of the one you are letting go.

Just hold on and look back.

Just hold on and remember the happiest moment of your life. Try to take a ride into your memories and remember the moment which brought immense happiness to your life. If the one you are letting go made you happy ever in your past, you just need to stop and hold on to the one.

Just hold on and analyze your gains and losses. Who will win and who will lose. Believe you me, the one you are letting go will eventually win sooner or later, but you will lose your inner peace and happiness forever. Letting someone go was never and can ever be an option if you want to find happiness for yourself.

People without a purpose let things happen. People who believe in giving a purpose and direction to their lives stand for what they want and try hard until they achieve it. Letting things happen on its own is just like putting your car in self-drive mode. Do you really think it will lead to any destination? You need to take control of your car and drive it towards your destination. But for this to happen, the first step is to know where and in which direction you actually want to drive.

Just hold on and think about your life in a broader sense.

One life and so many burdens. Do you really think you need to carry them on your shoulders? Do you really think that eventually all of this would even matter? Do you know what will matter? Fulfilling your promises will matter. Mending relationships will matter. Holding someone forever will matter and being happy with the ones who made you happy will definitely matter.

You know what will not matter? Your ego will never work for you, your rage will eventually destroy you, your self-centeredness won’t bring the same smile on your face and holding on to grudges will never make your life worth living in future. So just hold on to this moment, take a deep breath and hold the one you love before letting them go.

It matters!

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