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Are We Truly Free When An Entire Community Is Still Struggling For Love?

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Every year in the month of February, thousands of people gather to celebrate LGBT pride. There are rallies on the roads with the hope that society will accept the LGBT community in every state in India.

The LGBT community faces several problems but the major one is 'acceptance' from society.

For the longest time, people in the LGBT community have been fighting for acceptance and equal rights in India.

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to another woman. Gay is a term for men who are attracted to other men. Bisexual stands for a person who is attracted to both men and women while a transgender person identifies as the opposite gender to what they were born as.

People in the LGBT community have always been looked down upon. Society is still not willing to accept people who are transgender. This is a major issue because so many people discriminate against the LGBT community.

Society thinks that the people who are a part of this community are odd and different.

Today, homosexuality and queer identities may be acceptable to more Indian youth than ever before. However, within the boundaries of family, home, and community, acceptance of sexuality and freedom to openly express their gender choice continues to be a constant struggle for most LGBT people.

I have heard of people coming out of the closet and declaring to their families that they are not what the family expected them to be.

Yes, we’re a part of a society where LGBT people are afraid to come out to their own parents and talk about their sexuality.

There are many who disclosed their identity and were accepted for the people they were while there are several others living a dual life and waiting for the right time when they can talk about their true identity issue and move freely without fear and hesitation from their family and friends.

In human life, being hidden is similar to being dead and nobody talks about dead people.

This year, many countries legalized same-sex marriages because they understand the need for freedom to love and freedom to marry.

Everyone has the rights to marriage, and marriage is all about love, not about gender.

Every year more than 2000 LGBT people face huge issues related to violence, employment, discrimination, poverty and health care. Society seems to have some or the other issue with the LGBT community, with their lifestyle or how they live their life. In India, people have an immature outlook towards the LGBT community.

There are many places where people don't even know what LGBT stands for because they believe that those who are gay, lesbian or transgender don’t have a right to be a part of the society or their own family.

Yes, there is racism within the LGBT community but there’s more outside it.

We will consider this country truly free when society will no longer talk about being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight.

When everyone is equal and has the freedom to love and marry as they wish. When people are not afraid to reveal their true identities to their own families.

It is hard being a diamond in this stone world!

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