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An Open Letter To The Society That Considers Open Relationships A Crime

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Dear Society,

In my individual opinion, I feel that love and sex should be treated differently. Why I feel so? I will share my thoughts here. When a person is single, he/she is trying to mingle with their preferred opposite sex. They have all the freedom in the world to sleep around with the person they want, with consent, of course. Yet, they don't have to think much about cheating as morally they are not bound by contract, or married. Some people choose to do sex, only post their marriage, which is also fine.

The point I am trying to share here is, what if I chose to marry a person because of my own will and not just to get laid? Sexually, I may have different preferences, I might be someone who prefers more partners but emotionally, I need only one, would this still count as cheating?

Is it counted as cheating because I just want to have more sex, with different partners? But that doesn't make me a less loving husband or wife. Sex is an individual need, which should be kept out of these so-called societal morals, that pressure people to do things behind closed doors, and never share it in open, as if it is a crime.

Marriage is not limited to sex, it is all about being there for each other through thick and thin. But why does the individual have to forego his sexual desires, just because he or she is married?

Love is pure, and at times we may feel love for more than one person at some point in our lives. But we all give into the societal way of living, and succumb to its pressure of what is morally right. Think about a relationship which may be open, as per the choice of both partners. What is wrong in that, if that is how they chose to keep their bond?

You may ask, if one were to have kids, then what happens? Just because, now one is married and has kids, that does not mean he/she should give up their individual rights have sex the way they chose to, and with whom they wish to. Mostly, this is what our society teaches us, because we are afraid of sex. We try to confine it, we think that sex will make us immoral. Can we please grow up?

If you are reading this from the perspective of a single person, I’ll make the effort to slightly impact your view with a different angle. I am a happily married person, expecting a new born to be welcomed into the family, and I love my family just like you love yours. I ponder upon these thoughts, and thus penned them here.

Sex is sex, and it should not be confused for love.

Two individuals who are in love can have sex, but if they have it outside of love, then it should be free from any biases that the society puts on us. Let's step up our game, let's step up to take up moral responsibility, only where it is actually needed.

Signing off, Yours truly (Eagle Eye)

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