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You Can Try To Hurt Her, But A Queen Always Stands Taller

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*For representational purpose only.

Brave and strong like a legend. Smooth, lovely, and elegant. She was praised through all these graceful words as if she is the most perfect woman in the world.

The way she walks has a preset majesty to it. She goes curling that single strand of hair over her kajal-lined eyes. Her vision is straight, piercing the crowd ahead. You can sense the music in her breath. You can't help but turn around when she walks by.

She carries everyone's gaze like a bouquet of flowers. All she has to do is gently turn down her lovers' proposals. Everyone envied the way she was. Even her flaws were smoothed over and kissed.

You could never look into her eyes. Not that she was shy, but you would see all her lies if you did.

Behind the one line of kajal lies the secret of a thousand tears. And despite the sorrow, melancholy, and angst, she continues to keep her back upright, without faltering in her steps.

The way she shines insulates the darkness inside her. She has little hope that people might comprehend what lies inside her, so she tries to reveal herself as scarcely as possible.

And that's what makes her independent 'to a fault'. She's on her own. She isn't needy and you won't see the emotional abandonment inside of her.

One day perhaps, you came along. You promised to be there and rooted her presence instead. And one day, she really needed you, but you weren't there. So she wrapped her absence in silence and left.

Against her better judgement, she let you come closer and trusted you. You put her hair aside, put your arms around her waist, swept her off her feet and then discarded her like she meant nothing.

Apathy kicks in instantly. It's the only way she can be immune. But she still tries- she yells at you in a mute and blunt way. She tries to fix this sham of a relationship. But you neither have the sincerity or the inclination to take action. All you take is her happiness and glow.

Why did you make the effort to enter her life, only to leave so effortlessly? Now you are the reason why she has to fail. You are the reason why she has to fall.

Despite the hatred, she loves. Despite the betrayal, she trusts. Despite living in an evil world, she is good.

Dear World, stop trying to destroy her it's in her blood to rise, shine, be elegant and graceful. They are not mere words, they are the very fabric of her personality.

You can try to take advantage of her, break her, and bring her down. But this will be short-lived. The Queen will rise and make heads turn, while you only continue to be fickle and volatile. She does not break, fade, or become handicapped. She shines bright like a diamond. She is simply that strong.

Yet, at night, she will look at the moon and ask again, "Until when? Until when?"

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