Dear Daughter, These Are The Most Important Lines I'll Ever Say To You: Hear Me Out

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 15 January, 2017

Dear Daughter,

Listen to these lines and lock them in your heart.
These lessons will guide you in case we’re apart.

The first life lesson is quite easy to follow.
The words ‘beautiful’ or ‘average.’
They’ll just confine you in a cage


and so dear daughter, don’t let words make you hollow.

But it doesn’t mean butterflies or loneliness
Don’t let a combination of letters make you a mess.

So dear daughter, don’t let language beat your score.

The choice between two words, a tough one, really?
Just walk through the door closest to you, my love.
Don’t think too much for a stupid mind game created by glove.

So dear daughter, don’t think too much for decisions that are silly.

The words ‘beautiful’ or ‘average’ shouldn’t define you.
Can they describe your warmth, your spark?
Or just how much you’re like Tony Stark.
So dear daughter, if anyone says “hey beautiful,” say “who?”

People will keep commenting, it’s their profession.
But remember, my darling, a thought parallel.

They point at you but they’re pointing at themselves.

So dear daughter, remember that these people have only 2 dimensions.

Feelings should never be affected by words.

Don’t feel incredible or ashamed.
Relating words with emotions is just a trick to get fame.
So my darling daughter, I’ve now revealed all my cards.

Take care my little one for I don’t want
To let you be influenced by brands which con.

I want you to walk with your head held high.

Not beautiful, not average, not sort of shy.

That’s why I say, listen to these lines and lock them in your heart.

These lessons will guide you in case we’re apart.

This post was submitted by Somya Bajaj.

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