Why Human, Why?

Carolyn Ravi David Carolyn Ravi David in Stolen Diaries on 4 June, 2020

She wandered off the road,
She was lost, she was afraid.
She was out on her own,
With a little life growing within.

She was tired, weary, weak and confused.
Still kept walking in search for help, to give up she refused.

She came to an alien land;
"These people look nice and kind, I'm sure to help me they won't mind."
This thought made her walk ahead and seek for a friend who would understand,
That she was there only lost and needed a place to rest and stand.

"Mumma I'm hungry" came a voice from within,
"Don't worry, we are safe here and for you some food I'll bring"
Her eyes sparkled with joy on seeing the food the aliens offered,
She gladly accepted it without doubt;
And that made the aliens grin!

The grin was not a happy one nor that of joy,
It was of smirk, that their plan worked and the innocent one couldn't see their sly!

What the innocent life saw as food was death in disguise,
But when she understood that, it was too late to react.

She ran in panic and confused why they would do this to her and her baby?!
Even in that state she didn't hurt or harm anyone.

The thoughts in her mind were racing;
Why me? What about my little one inside?
What about the dreams I had of playing with her?
What about seeing her grow big and stong like me?

Her legs grew weaker than ever;
She knew this feeling was nothing normal,
She knew her end is near.

She ran to a place far from the aliens, for she still didn't want to hurt them.
She embraced what's happening and what would.

"Mumma I'm scared." came a voice from within.
"Don't worry baby, we will do this together. You and me will be together forever."

Saying this she breathed her last,
Her eyes looking at the aliens who had no soul!

Why human, why?
Why did you betray us and let us die?
Don't you have kids of your own?
Don't you have a heart to see my pain?!
Why have you left us to die?
Why human, why?!

Author's Note:

There have been many debates regarding the facts, no matter what the fact is; an innocent life was lost.

This is dedicated to all the voiceless lost lives.