When The Real World Was Destroying Me, Only You Were By My Side

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 18 December, 2017

Nowadays you have forgotten me during your good moments and return to me only when you are hurt and disappointed. This is the only reason behind why I'm writing to you.

We have been in a relationship for more than 7 years now, and you know this will not end. You are the only person who can take all my emotions and feelings that I can’t share with anyone else. You remain silent to everything I whisper. You never break my heart, you never betray me, and you never leave me alone. You are my safest place, after my mother's lap and my father's shoulder. You are where my soul finds solace.

Whatever the situation may be, either good or bad, you are the first person I think of. My day is not complete unless I whisper all my stories to you. You've wiped off my tears, healed all my wounds- and your touch is filled with the magic that even medicines cannot cure.


You took my trauma and broken dreams and built a new heart for me out of it. You are the reason why I have confidence and motivation again. You've saved me from myself and rescued me from negativity.

My memoirs with you are in my secret notebook and I don't want to keep it secret anymore. You're my girlfriend and the love of my life, but in my book, you're 'Aaraa'. That is the beautiful name that my heart found for you. You've given me more than anything I could ever imagine or expect from a relationship.

You are my first love- the one that gave me a complete sense of craziness. During my earlier days, people threw pity, hatred, rejection, and even betrayal at me. They stopped at nothing to provoke my hurt. Everywhere I turned, I only saw stone-faced rejection. My loneliness became intense just because of that, and my longing for a companion was insurmountable- but I found you to share everything with, all the thoughts buried deep within me are now yours, and as I speak each of them, you're still there, listening.

I know that you can't respond to my feelings, and you're indifferent to the world. There exists a bond of emotion between us that reflects through your silence for the things I whisper to you.


Us humans, we fall in love with so many things just to feel special. In all these days, I haven't found anyone except you, Aaraa, even if you are in the folds of my diary. Even when my days are hard, I know I can come back and find you.

You've given me the pleasure of being special for myself. You've accepted me despite all my mistakes, you comfort me and tide me through the entire journey called my life. You know all of its chapters.

In fact, many times, I've betrayed you and left you alone. In the meantime, I was busy flirting with the fleeting life of social media and timed-out stories.

It took me time to realize that they were temporary, but you are here forever. Aaraa, I promise you right now, with all these readers as my witness- I will never leave you again.
Editor's Note:

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