They Thought They Were In Love Till They Had Their First Child And Everything Changed

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 21 May, 2017

What happens when the love between a husband and wife dies? Even though it was a love marriage; the couple was head over heels in love with one another. It’s not like they did not fight, but the love was always stronger, it helped them sail through all the tough times.

Months passed and then the wife got pregnant. It was a complicated pregnancy, and the husband made sure he took proper care of both the mother and their unborn child. This entire process got them even closer to each other, so much so that when the wife had to be sent to her parents’ place for delivery, the husband had tears in his eyes. After a heartfelt farewell, the wife went to stay with her parents.

Everything was beautiful between the two of them. They were on call all the time and the husband never missed a single doctor’s appointment. The due date arrived and the wife gave birth to a cute little princess. Both the parents were on cloud nine. The husband just couldn’t take his eyes off his daughter. He didn’t leave the hospital for even a second. 

The mother and child were given a green signal to head home and the husband himself dropped his wife and the baby to his wife's parents for post pregnancy care. Both of them now got busy in their own different worlds and the distance between them started growing.

They fought over every little thing but most of the arguments revolved around the baby.

These fights and disagreements started turning ugly and left behind scars each time. Now even though both of them are together the scars have remained in their relationship and both are unable to mend it to make their marriage work.

Yes the "couple" is living under the same roof but like strangers who just can't stand each other and have absolutely nothing to talk about. They are now staying under the same roof so that the child gets the love of both her parents.