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This Poem Describes Exactly How You Feel When You Dream About The One You Lost

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*For representational purpose only.



Listening to your heartbeats I am in your embrace
This moment should never end is what my heart says.

A smile on my lips a tear in my eyes
I found myself somewhere above the skies.

Beautiful is this moment beautiful is this world of ours
Ecstatic I am with my heart saying I am yours.

Unable to hold more my eyes began to flow

This is the way they say they don't want you to go.

I felt your hands on my face wiping my tears

I heard you say you will forever stay and gone are all my fears.

I looked at you and with trembling lips I smiled again
I felt I am a dried twig with your love which is rain.

I shut my eyes and held your hand
I wished I could steal and take you to an isolated land.
I heard you say what all I always wanted to hear

You made me feel I was the only one you wanted near.

You said I am the one for you
You promised everything I always wanted you to.

You swore there’s no one else you ever longed for
You said they are tears in my eyes you most abhor.
You said I am the only one you always want to see

With each word of yours I was gaining something back in me.

You said you will never go
With that you noticed my face glow.

I felt I lost myself but gained you
I felt I got wings and above the sky I flew.
Unable to express myself I kept looking in your eyes

I am above the world is what I realize. 

I said I don’t want you to go but I found you already went

Suddenly I opened my eyes and realized this was all I dreamt.
It was a dream where you were with me

It is a dream every night I see.

“You are my world and my all”

I told this to your picture hanging on the wall

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