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This Poem About 'Not All Men' Tells You Exactly Why That's Not Enough

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*For representational purpose only.

Not all men they say,

But not all are needed. 

One or two with twisted minds,
To whom no morals are feed-ed.

Not all men you say,

One is all it takes.

You're the doer or the audience,

No difference it makes.

If you cannot take a stand,
Or at least contribute,
At least show some courtesy. 
This is no way to give tribute. 

For those who think it's not a big deal, 
Judging by just watching news. 

Be human for a moment and realise, 
Step into their shoes. 

Not all men you say
It could be your mothers, sisters or wives. 
Hundreds of victims suffering,

Scarring those precious lives.

If you are a man not one of them, 
Don't just call it truce.
Make others realise and understand. 

Step into their shoes.

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