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This Poem Is The Harsh Truth About Enviable Couples That Look So In Love On Social Media

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*For representational purpose only.

Life of Lie

Scrolling down the 'book of faces'
Envied with pictures of couples posing at exotic places

My heart called out for that picture perfect lover

With whom 'art of posing', I will rediscover.

Who will make my pictures ooze fire,

Who will make my friends burn with desire,

Who will make my profile a hit online,
Who will make people wanting a life like mine.
Who will make them believe how happy I am,
Who will make my foe's phone slammed.

A pat on my face brought me back to 'me'.
It was from my husband sitting next to me
With his cute smile he caressed my head
We laughed again on the sweetest things he said.

I gazed at the mirror to see the 'perfect we'

But all in vain as none of my 'friends' could see.
I again was lost in my virtual world when I heard my phone ringing,
My friend with the most romantic pics and the happiest posts, was calling
I received the call and heard her crying,

"There is no love between us" was she saying! 

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