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This Heartbreaking Poem About Why Being A Rape Victim Is A Crime Will Not Leave Your Thoughts

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The Hapless Crime of Being A Victim


It was a very dark night
With no one to listen to her plight
She looked for mercy, but found wanton eyes filled with lustful delight.

She saw her life flash before her eyes

Her fright scaled new heights 
It was horrendous feelings 
Full of pain and hurt

Alas it was all over: the face of her family suddenly dazzled in her mind, clear and bright.

The perceived guilt-ridden existence weighed her like an anchor weighs a ship
The assailants had left her alive 
but scarred her for life. 
She dreaded the society more than her present trauma, for she may recover from the second  

It is the first one which will haunt her for life.

This post was submitted by Agnimitra.

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