The Day I Grow Up To Be Strong, You'll Regret IT For The Rest Of Your Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 29 July, 2017

NIGHTMARE - A Silent Tear Of A Girl Who Gets Abused By.... Ssssshhhhhh....

As the sun goes down,
My bedroom will be filled with darkness.

Myself here all alone,

With the fear if someone is inside.

I close my eyes believing everything is gonna be alright.

I wake up crying in the middle of the night,
Sweating and screaming with fear.
My eyes will be filled with silent tears.
As if someone's gonna hurt me,
With some hands used to hurt me.

And each day passes with the same nightmare.
I try hard to sleep again,
Waiting for the sun to rise.

I always wish that,
Someday my voice will be loud.

But still, I'm a girl who hides her pain and emotions inside.

Don't take advantage of my innocence,
For I have reached the stage of adolescence.
You don't know how strong I've grown to be,
For each and every day.

Someday soon I will be kicking and screaming,

You will regret for the rest of your life,

And my life will turn out bright.