Dear 'The One': Before We Take The Next Step, Please Answer These Questions For Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 21 April, 2017

These days, a question has been haunting me.
Behind this foggy veil, I cannot clearly see.
People around consider it as a girl’s completion,
But is it really so? That’s my confusion.

All my friends are happily accepting it 
Even my parents want me to be that fit,
But here I am, anxious and confused,

What if to all those customs I refuse?

This honeydew of life might fascinate,
But as time passes, it complicates.

I am not scared of the beauty that love holds,
But what about other realities it unfolds.

I have many questions for you today,
What if I am not able to comply?
I was proud of my litheness all these years<
But this time these are some different fears.
I fear losing that fearless me
I fear being burdened by expectations

I fear that indecisive she.

I fear those customary foundations,
My life brought me up as a free soul,
Was always best so far in all my roles,

I am scared of this heavy duty now.

My instinct today feels so low,
Major question is about you my dear,
What if you also later turn away is my fear.
Will I be able to cope up through this all,
Today I have no clue.

Off-course I will try to grab and reflect,
But the question again here is intact,
Will I be the only one to learn,

Or others too will understand my concern.

But before everyone else, it's YOU I need to know from,
Will your love stand this test of time, are YOU ready to accept this immature side of mine?

Will you be able to maintain the balance?
Will you be able to carry forward the present essence?
Will you be able to handle those foreseen clashes of thoughts?

Will you be able to forget the battles fought?

Think it from the practical side of yours,
Let open your mind and decode what it shows,

Love is not about all the rosy picture.

This is the time to let boil the mixture.
Please don’t be angry with me,
I just wanted you to see

This is a practical world of assigned tasks,
Ours is the duty to answer the questions asked.
Author's Note:

After all the struggles she faced in her life, she found HIM. Just like a sparkling ray of hope, he came into her life. Yes, she loves him to the core of her heart (so does the boy), but there is something that is constantly haunting this 26-year-old girl. And that is when she decides to find answers to her questions from the one who might be the one to hold her hand throughout her life. Is he ready for it?