This Poem About A Bride-To-Be Who Thinks Too Much Is So Relatable, It'll Make You Sad

Atoofa Khushnood Atoofa Khushnood in Stolen Diaries on 24 January, 2017

The mere thought of getting married,

Gives me goosebumps.
And a flashback of my whole life,
Occupies my mind.

My heart starts pounding,
And my body becomes numb.

I get a feeling of separation,

From you, from my parents and all other relations.

Only to become Mrs from Miss,
I have to give up on all these.
Still, no one is able to guarantee,
That my face will always be lit up with glee.

In the middle of my life, I will have a whole new lot of people to be called as relatives,

And to learn their likes and dislikes will be my new motive.

If I will still be allowed to write, is what I wonder,
And ‘I doubt’ is what my heart prompts as the answer.

Life would be way different,
And things around would seem extremely uncertain.
I won’t have my mother to help me,

Like she had done for ages.

‘Mom, let me sleep’ won’t be a sentence available in my vocabulary,
Before anyone gets up, I would be seen patrolling in the gallery.

Waiting for him to get up and have his bed-tea,
And then running to get the breakfast ready.

Life will undergo a drastic change,

A change that would never change.

Responsibilities that I never took as a daughter,
Would be forced upon me, as a daughter-in-law.

My complaining mother will have nothing to nag about,
Seeing her daughter as punctual as a clock.
But mothers will always be mothers.
To protest on, she will still find reasons.


My feeling for daughters has always overpowered that for the son’s
But today I wish I was not born as a daughter.
I may be contemplating,

And my life may take me to an alien but a beautiful place.

But thinking is something I like,
And overthinking is what I enjoy.

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