Surbhi Didn't Know She Could Fall For An Army Officer Until She Met Dhruv: He Changed Her Life

Neha Dwivedi Neha Dwivedi in Stolen Diaries on 17 May, 2017

“You must try the jalebi with rabri. You won’t regret it”. It was him who had told her of one of the most perfect combinations in Indian desserts.

HE was in a grey suit.

SHE was draped in a pink saree.


Dhruv and Surbhi met at a wedding and the colors of their clothes perfectly complimented each other in their very first meeting! Just like the combination he had just introduced Surbhi to, they were in sync.

She thought he looked handsome and ‘sharp’.

He thought no less of her obviously as he went on to approach her at the dessert corner and the chivalrous officer that he was, offered to carry her plates for her.

Being the daughter of an Army officer and at the age that she was, she didn’t really interact much with these ‘handsome bachelor types’, of the fraternity. But, for him, she couldn’t help herself but make an exception.

Fate played its plan and they became acquaintances to friends over the next few months and then, it was time for her to move to Chandigarh to do law. All this while she had hoped to do it in Delhi, where she lived, did her graduation from, was comfortable in and so, was not too happy with the shift.

He could sense her anxiety. After all who can understand more about shifting places than an Army officer who relocates every few years. What, he told her then, she remembers till now, like it happened just yesterday. 

He said, “when you go to a new place, it takes time to grow on you. So, don’t get disheartened too soon. Give it time”. That was just the beginning of the many times he held her hand, in their life together.

What followed then, were numerous phone conversations, stolen trips to each other and some with each other and friends in tow, to different places. They went on to become, what we call, a couple somewhere during this time, over a proposal by him, on a cold winter evening, next to a bonfire. She of course was only too happy to accept.

They had the most perfect romance. He would take care of her, she would take care of him. They wrote long letters to each other. Left small notes for each other. When she talked, he listened. When he explained, she understood. She would travel in the nights to Akhnoor (where he was posted then), just to see him on his birthday and he would get delayed in picking her up. But, he goofed up, showed up and smiled and all would be well again.

One of the best things about being in a relationship with an Army officer, besides the pride that you feel constantly, is all the opportunities of romance life offers you, only if you're up to grab them, and they grabbed them all.

Thereafter, it didn’t take long for them, to realize that they were meant to be. That clear, she went on to quit her job and do masters. She was clear that she wanted to stay with him, so she had to be in a job that allowed that. Masters meant she could teach, so she went for it. 

They spoke with their parents and seeing how happy he made her, they agreed instantly. Soon Surbhi and Dhruv got engaged in a quiet manner, just with each other, in a hotel close to their respective places.

All was set, the only thing left to do was to get married, but Dhruv asked her to wait.