This Poem Where A Girl Ends Her Life Because Of The Society Will Make You Very Angry

Karishma Borkakoty Karishma Borkakoty in Stolen Diaries on 6 February, 2017

The Surrender

She was frail yet beautiful,
Though she had lost the desire to live, she was still living,
She cried every moment, because she let him go,

Little did she know that with his betrayal world would turn dark.

Today, she woke up early,
To treat herself with the last cup of coffee,
One and a half teaspoon of sugar would be the perfect blend to the concoction.


She looked outside her window,
It was comfortable, beautiful yet an unusual day,
Birds didn't come chirping her way today,
As if they sensed her mood swings.

She goes around to feed her kitty,
But she moved away and gave her scathing stares,
She refuses to eat anything, sensed the morbidity in the environment.

She lacked time and words to express today,

She committed something 'inexpiable' and continued to do so till this day.


She wasn't scared about the punishment God reserved for her,
But was petrified about the pain, her demise would cause to them,
She always loved him but hurt him more,

But he hurt her back, with betrayal this time.

Pain was growing and she could not forget him,
Scared was she about being the talk of the town.

"World would spit on me, pelt abuses like stones" she told,
"Filthy, dirty, w****" would be few of them,

After she surrenders to the oblivion, people would burn her house.

Kick away her kitty and raise slogans against her,
She thought!
Her dreams have drowned in her own pain,
"I can't stand tall again', she told.
Crushing her soul and incinerating her strength, she stood still,

While putting a full stop to her heart-wrenching letter, she sighed.

Her hands were bold and bold enough to tie the noose.
She pulled the stool towards her, as she was getting ready to bid adieu,

"Sorry mom, sorry dad I could not stay and keep you happy"

She poured her heart out to the stillness, none to calm her down,
Her kitty stared at her, with silence she tried to stop her but in vain,
Everything in her room signaled her to carry out her motive,
She stood upon, ready for a quick and almost painless departure.
She put the noose around her neck,
With countdowns, she gasped for the last time.


In a matter of milliseconds, she would be unconscious.

Those beautiful moments flashed in front of her eyes for one last time.

But it was too late for her to relive those.
And with few silent shrieks, she took her last breath.

Author's Note:

This poem is about the girl who kept forgiving her love for betraying her until one day she decided to break the relation with him. And when she did, people made her feel guilty even though she took the right decision. She tried to stay strong but people made her weak and finally after being shattered, she tied the noose and left the world.