Please Don't Mistake Social Distancing For Emotional Distancing, I Request You

Live For Love & Laugh Live For Love & Laugh in Stolen Diaries on 31 March, 2020

Delhi, India

I'm at peace today, not because we're locked-down for the following 20 days, but people will understand how important one's freedom is, once we're out of the self-inflicted house arrest.

I now see many people break down and their urge to go out to start their routine life. Well, my wings were clipped back in 2016 by choice, and I'm working from home since then, whenever I tell people, I'm WFH full-time, their first reaction has always been, "Oh wow, really nice". Now they probably empathise with me a bit. 


I just want to tell everyone, it is not easy at all, I've had my share of breakdowns at times, I too wanted to set myself free, go out, see my friends but people don't understand, right? You don't step out without any reason. "Are you going to see your mistress?" - these are the kinds of questions people throw at you when they know you work from home everyday, but you ignore them and continue to glide into your life peacefully. 

This lock-down will teach every one of us many important lessons, take this opportunity to express your feelings towards those who you've missing for so long.

Chances are some of us won't be around to see the 21st day of the lockdown. So, communicate, keep your loved ones going, social distancing is crucial but not emotional distancing, especially from your loved ones. Pick up your phone, text or call all of the people in your life who you absolutely love and respect.

Few lives are going to change forever but make sure you stay the same. Keep going, and the time shall pass.
Editor's Note:

This is not an easy time to be alive, and we're being forced to slow down. Many of us will be confronting things that we have been hiding for some time. You are not alone in this.

If your wish is to tell your story, it is our command to do justice to it. We are always listening