She's Just A Teenager But She Knows The Sexy Effects She Has On Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 3 January, 2018

I am married; happily or not I don’t know. But that doesn’t stop me from flirting with women of all ages, from 16 to 45 years old. I guess women too have no qualms these days about flaunting their “Assets!”

I don’t believe in sugar-coating my thoughts and don’t mince my words. I am also very bold and open about my sexual desires. I love to discuss sexual experiences with various people. I discuss a lot with my friends on Facebook and also at work. My friends tell me who all they have slept with! We are all very free and bold. We discuss our kinky fetishes and erotic fantasies; something that we can’t discuss in real life.

Let me tell you about my neighbour’s college-going daughter Neha. She is 18 years old now. She has been a flirt since she was in 10th standard!

This incident happened about a couple of years ago when she was in the tenth standard. I remember Neha was wearing a tight fit transparent white coloured salwar kurta. Every thread of the kurta was stretched to the fullest and Neha had left the top two hooks of her kurta unfastened, clearly showing her cleavage.

As I came out of the house and was entering the elevator, Neha too entered. She deliberately stood in front of me so that I could study her rear profile.

I realised that her white kurta was so transparent that her black brassiere was very clearly seen. It was as clearly visible, like a white chalk mark on a school blackboard. What a fucking sexy brassiere it was, with spaghetti straps and thin back strap with a single hook.

As she turned slightly, through the corner of my eye, I checked her front and saw that her white and fair belly with its deep navel was visible through the kurta. Neha had tied her salwar very low on the waist so that the side slits were higher than the waistband of her salwar. Through the high slits at the side of her kurta tails, the waistband of her black bikini panty could be seen.

I get really turned on when I see a girl's lingerie through her transparent clothes... Especially when you know that the girl is chaloo!

It doesn’t matter if she is a school girl. When Neha was sure that I was checking her out, she turned abruptly and said, “Stop staring at my bums you pervert! Have not you seen a girl before?"

I started to protest but she cut me off. "Oh cut the act," I said.

"I have seen the way you look at me all the time. I know when a guy is trying to get into my pants and I certainly can feel a hard cock when it's pressed against me; like when you hugged me last time when you dropped me off to school when I was dressed in a saree for our farewell party.”

“You are such a fucking cock tease!” I retorted without sounding angry.

"That day when you saw me for the first time in a saree, you were checking me out isn’t it?" she asked. "A little," I replied.

"Ooh, did you like what you saw? I bet you did!" Neha said mischievously.

"I guess? How did you know that I was ogling at you?" I asked.

She took a deep breath and replied, "I am a woman and I know when a man starts to lust for a woman. “Tell me bhaiyya, that day as you dropped me off at my school, you couldn’t take your eyes off my boobs and my bums, isn’t it? I could feel a burning sensation on my butt from your lecherous staring. I was wearing heels that day and that was making my bums stick out more. Tumhe pataa hain, as I walked out from your car, I deliberately made my bums wiggle and gyrate more.”

"You are so pretty and attractive that I couldn’t help myself," I tried to defend myself.

"Well, thank you, bhaiyya. I'll take that as a compliment. And don't be embarrassed. No one can ignore such obvious signs of appreciation, especially from such a sexy man like you. Bhaiyya, I like the attention I get from guys. Why did you think that I am wearing my sexiest black brassiere under the transparent white salwar kurta today? Don’t you think I know that guys will check me out?"

“Tell me bhaiyya, did it turn you on when you saw my brassiere straps slide out from under my sleeveless blouse the other day? Sexy lagtaa hain naa black lingerie mujhpar? Don’t you think I realised that you were stripping me with your eyes?” Neha continued to tease.

“You know, mummy doesn’t like me to dress up sexily. She is so conservative, you know. So once I was in school, I went to the ladies room and readjusted my saree. I had borrowed a deep neck sleeveless blouse from a friend of mine and wore it with a push-up bra to lewdly display my adolescent cleavage. Then I adjusted the pallu of my saree in such a way that it was shifted over to one side, leaving my right bosom uncovered.”

Oh god, I could feel my erection straining against my trousers. I hoped in vain that she wouldn’t see the tent down in my trousers. We reached the parking lot of my apartment and she followed me.

“Bhaiyya, will you drop me off? I am going to meet some friends,” Neha asked.

I gladly agreed, happy to get a chance to spend some more time in close proximity with this lethal Lolita. She stared at the boner I was desparately trying to hide.

“It is okay bhaiyya. I know the effect I have on men of all ages. My breasts developed early and I got used to it. Within a few months, after I turned fourteen, I understood what even my slightest bending down, can do to a man. How the older men, uncles, so-called bhaiyyas and even my male teachers would not leave a chance to steal a glimpse of my cleavage or stare at my legs,” Neha admitted nonchalantly.

We reached the movie hall where she was meeting her friends and I dropped her there. Before leaving, She bent forward and kissed me on my cheek, lingering there longer than was required.

Then giving me a naughty wink, she exited my car and went to join her friends.

A few months later, my wife went visiting her mother. So I was all alone at home. One late evening, I received a message from Neha asking me if I would like to go out to the discotheque with her.

It was a late Saturday evening. Neha asked me to meet her in the parking lot. I waited in my car, still unsure whether this was a good idea. I mean, I was planning to go out partying with a group of college kids who were more than a decade younger to me.

A little while later, Neha strode over to my car, and boy, did She look hot. I knew that Neha was a head turner in her own right but today was something different.

She was dressed in a translucent black sleeveless top and a really short mini skirt. She leaned over and whispered conspiratorially in my ear, “Bhaiyya, I am wearing that sexy lingerie which you gifted me for my last birthday!”