She Was In A Miserable Marriage For 12 Years Till She Finally Fell In Love With Someone Else

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 2 July, 2017

A confident and ambitious twenty three year old girl named Nisha got married to Kailash. It was an arranged marriage. After a month and a half of her marriage, Nisha became pregnant with her first child. But her husband didn't know how to deal with this news, because he had always wanted a partner who could earn along with him and be independent of him and now that he came to know that his wife was pregnant, he felt like all his dreams were finished.

To tell you the truth, he wasn't happy with this news and slowly his behavior started changing towards his wife.

One day he suggested that she abort the child. But the very next day he changed his mind and told her that he wanted to welcome his child. Between his mixed feelings towards his child, he started talking to his girlfriend and decided to leave Nisha. He asked his wife to return to her parents' home because he didn't want to live with her anymore and had decided to divorce her. He told her that he loved someone else and wanted to marry her. 


At this time, Nisha was two and a half month pregnant. Her mother-in-law also started blaming her for every little thing that went wrong and said that she wasn't good enough to be her daughter-in-law. She used to taunt Nisha with harsh words like, "This girl didn't even get anything from her parents' place and now she has gotten herself pregnant so quickly" Nisha was completely shocked at this turn her life had taken and didn't know what to do.

A few days later, when her husband left her at her parents' place, she told her parents everything. Her father became extremely angry and reported the entire incident to the police.

Kailash got so scared that he took Nisha back with him, but he started torturing her mentally. He used to meet his girlfriend regularly and threatened his wife not to get in touch with her parents or her siblings, ever. He told her that her parents had insulted him and if she met them or called them, he would leave her. Nisha used to bear his tantrums only because of her child. But she couldn't save herself from falling into depression. She felt like a servant, a robot who used to perform the same activities, without any joy,everyday. Eventually, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. But even the birth of her daughter couldn't make her happy. Three years passed like this and nobody ever saw her smiling.

One day someone suddenly looked at her and asked, "Is something wrong with you? You don't look in good shape, Nisha". This remark made her realize that she needed to get out of her depression for her daughter. She tried to help herself by watching light and comic TV shows and movies. Slowly, both her mother-in-law and her husband too started softening towards her. But Kailash continued being a flirt.

Today, they celebrate their thirteenth marriage anniversary. Kailash still has a girlfriend in his office and Nisha is aware of it. She read her husband's chats with that woman.

When she confronted him, he simply deleted his chats on Whatsapp and continued talking to his girlfriend over Skype. Nisha's twelve year daughter is also aware of all these things. Nisha still does not meet her parents, but every time Kailash needs help, he shamelessly goes to her parents and they too help him, hoping that maybe their help would shame him into treating their daughter better. But every time, after helping himself, he goes back to behaving just the same as before. Once again, he stops Nisha from visiting her parents' place and does not even let his daughter meet her grandparents. 

Kailash always had piles, but this year, he had to be operated upon. His problem had worsened after he had joined the local gym to impress his girlfriend. His wife Nisha continues to serve him and take care of him. Everyday she finishes all her household chores without any help from anyone and rushes to the hospital to be beside her husband. She takes care of him like a child. Sometimes, for entire nights, she sits beside her husband's bed and tries to get him to sleep him by massaging his head. She gives him his medicines on time. Sometimes, she even politely attends to her husband's girlfriend's phone calls. Finally, after three months Kailash has recovered.

To thank his wife for all that she has done for him, he books a five star hotel for two nights. Nisha thinks that her prayers have finally been answered, that her husband has finally started valuing her. They spend good time together, but after just a few weeks, Nisha realizes she thanked her stars too early. Kailash was still having an affair with his girlfriend. She decided to talk to him about it, but when she did, he simply shouted at her. He told her that if she took care of him, he also paid a bill of 13000 rupees and that made things equal between them. Hearing all this, Nisha felt heartbroken and cried all night. She was beginning to slip into depression once again, when another man came into her life.

This man cares about Nisha and makes her feel beautiful. He tries to help her deal with all her problems and makes her feel alive. But sometimes, Nisha can't help wondering if he is taking advantage of her loneliness. Lately she has started keeping her distance from him because she is after all, a married woman and the mother of a 12 year old daughter.
Author's Note:

So, the question is, is Nisha right in keeping her distance from the man who makes her feel alive or should she leave her husband, who has only ever made her miserable?