She Just Wanted To Be His Friend Until That One Night That Changed Everything For Her

Neha Mehta Neha Mehta in Stolen Diaries on 2 April, 2017

Manas and Roli (name changed) were whatsapp friends. I happen to be a common friend between them. I know both of them personally very well and have known their personalities a tad bit better than their school friends or so-called best friends. I have been with them for more than a decade now. Thanks to the virtual world of Facebook and whatsapp, they both met through me.

This story is about two distinct individuals who had never met before and the one incident that changed their lives for good. 

Roli is in her mid thirties but timid, born and brought up in a typical middle class family, aspires to be a writer and wants to make it big in the industry.


Manas, on the other hand, is a simple, decent yet a broadminded man who had no qualms about admitting that he had a bad marriage earlier. He has two kids from that marriage, and wanted an open relationship with someone like minded. But the best thing about him was that he respected every person and accepted them with their ’dis’orders too. He was never a party or gossip person. He'd never humiliate anyone or speak negatively about anyone.

While he was down to earth, and more of a buddy, he was also equally clear about what he wanted from life and his friends with benefits.

I was zapped when Roli called one night at about 2.00 AM and said it was extremely urgent. She asked me to meet her ASAP because she wanted to share what had just happened between Manas and her. I could not believe my ears. I could feel the anxiety in her voice and on probing further she just gave an idea — that it was way too private and can’t be shared with anyone.

Knowing how different and difficult these individuals were, I could not imagine them being together. So what must have happened so private? I kept wondering the whole night. Nonetheless we met at CCD the next day. She came in very well dressed, with a perfect hair-do, and almost a makeover. I could not recognise her with the entire shift in her physical appearance. It got me smiling to assume only one thing - something ‘nice’ had happened between them.

I noticed the twinkle in her eyes, totally thrilled and she couldn’t wait to narrate what had happened. I learnt that she had visited his place and it is no guess work what could have happened between them.

But what surprised me is that while she was narrating this incident she said, “Neha, I did not really know what I was doing. I had no clue why I pinged him on whatsapp at 6 AM and started chatting with him. It’s only when he asked me how come I was up so early, I typed - Manas, I am feeling all excited right now after seeing some videos and I am just desperate to make out with someone badly.”

This came as a shock to me as I couldn't have imagined her being so open, unlike what she was a couple of years ago (nervous and shy). Her old self wouldn't even use the word ‘sex’ because she found it too strong and 'bold'. Here, she was muttering all kinds of slangs, words, and lingos. 

Manas kept telling Roli that he had met her many years ago, perhaps even before his marriage, and he liked her instantly. For some reason, things did not work out at the time, they never met after that. But her image and her face stuck to his mind like a poster, he could not forget her and let go.

So when he somehow landed up getting in touch with Roli again, he was very excited to see her. But Roli, on the other hand, did not remember any of this. In fact, according to her, they had only chatted but never met. Hence, while he had admittedly expressed this attraction towards Roli umpteen number of times, she had to politely refrain from giving in. 


She just asked him to stay as friends till she recollected meeting him before. She also wanted to buy time to know him enough to date him. They both had developed immense understanding for each other and they mutually kept their talks strictly restricted to Whatsapp/Facebook.

Till one night Manas got a ping from Roli and the entire equation changed overnight.

Manas could not believe what he read in Roli's message. He immediately dialled her number and they spoke at length.

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