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She Is The One Who Pretends Like Everything Is Perfect When It Is Not

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*For representational purpose only.

Everything is perfect like a fairy tale.
A handsome salary, a smiling face and branded dresses.

Life is just perfect it seems,
In all these years of pretending, where is the real me?

Am I hiding behind this smiling face? Only I know the answer.
On the outside, I am bubbly, happy-go-lucky and confident,
The best counselor, friend anyone can lean on.

But the real me is confused about her profession even after 10 years,

She wants to do her dream job but is unable to speak about it even in front of 3-4 people.

She feels insecure about her English everyday,
She is the only one who can’t drive a car in her circle,
She smiles at people who ask her why?

She says she doesn’t need to drive.

Too scared to even sit for an interview,

She reads positive quotes everyday to become more confident,

She is not a loser, she just needs to push herself harder.

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