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She Is Just A Housewife

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*For representational purpose only.

She's just a "Housewife".

The woman who works 24/7 but yeah, 'she's just a housewife'.
Being a housewife is not a crime.
She's the one who goes out of her way to get things done for us,
And then we say she does nothing.
Even when she is sick, she thinks about her family first.

Still you say “she's just a housewife”

She works all day without thinking about herself,
She doesn’t utter a single word about her pain and yet,
According to you, she does nothing.

From waking up her children
To cooking, cleaning and dusting,
She doesn’t even realize she didn’t get a chance to do anything for herself.

She listens to all your tantrums and yet never utters a single word.

Where will you find someone who loves you like her?
Learn to respect her and what she does for you.

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