She Began Living With Him But Her Portion Of True Love Was Yet To Come

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 28 January, 2018

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lisa who lived in a small town. She was beautiful. She met a man named Roque and fell in love with him. Things were going fine between them for some years but Roque was not a very good person and kept changing day by day.

Lisa understood that Roque was not the right person for her and was just using her and would never accept her socially, so Lisa moved on. Lisa studied hard and got a wonderful job in a beautiful city she always dreamt of.

She got many friends and was doing well in her career. When suddenly, Roque came into the picture once again and tried to convince Lisa that he made a mistake in the past and wanted to come back in Lisa's life and start afresh.


Lisa was falling into his trap again when she strengthened her mind strong and said: "Once no, means forever no". Roque was disappointed and threatened her deadly consequences for rejecting him. Lisa was ready for any consequences since she had already been through hell with him.

Lisa was exploring her beautiful life when she met another man named Danny where she was working. They became very good friends and started spending a lot of time with each other.

Soon, Danny proposed Lisa and Lisa said yes, but never wanted to get married to him. She told him clearly that she can't see a husband in him. He was more like a best friend than a lover. They both were young and led a carefree life. Soon, they decided out of the blue to quit their jobs and move to another city just for a change.

They did what they planned exactly and got a job and rented an apartment to stay together. One day, Lisa was at work and she met Edward. Edward and Lisa fell in love at first sight and both started talking to each other, but never confessed about their feelings.

Lisa met with an accident and there were very little chances of her survival. Edward was the only one at her side. He was there with her through thick and thin. Lisa's life was saved by Edward.

Soon, Danny came to know about both of them and moved out of Lisa's life. In a couple of years, Lisa and Edward got married and had a beautiful child. Lisa was bound to be with Edward because marriages are made in heaven.

You might meet many people and get attracted but only God knows who is the right person for you and tie you together in the beautiful knot called marriage.
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