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This Thought-Provoking Poem On Behalf Of Little Taimur Begs You To Mind Your Own Business

( words)
*For representational purpose only.

I have just landed four days ago
A newbie
In a fragile little body
Snuggled in the arms of my guardians
Their prized possession

A much awaited ‘offspring’ to my celebrity parents.

They had been anxiously waiting for my arrival
Ecstatic and intrigued.....
They announced me to the world.
I was conferred with my share of ‘instant fame’
Embarking on to a helpless journey
Into the murkier corridors of paparazzi
Thanks to the Almighty!

I am already a sensation.

The moment I became a physical separate being
They gave me an identity
A name
I am called ‘Taimur’.
My father, a history buff
Chose this for me
It comprehends to ‘iron’ or 'iron-like' in Arabic

But the ‘people’ have a problem with it.

They have labelled me barbarian
An invader,
My name equated to a ‘mass murder’
If the same 'Taimur’ has reincarnated.

Someone said,
I share my name with a Pak missile.
Another contemplated,
If ‘Mughals’ had invaded us once again.

And a few others,
Churning their ingenious brains
Ridiculously assumed
That I might not find a girlfriend,
For my name was too old fashioned.

Disfavour, disapproval, a disregard
My name has them in abundance.

They have trolled, mocked, condemned
Speculated and scrutinised me to the core
A concoction of interpretations indeed!

I am too tiny to respond
To your generous outpouring of displeasure!
And to the painstaking post-mortem
Of my name.

Or, for that matter
Reciprocate your immense adulation
On the social media.
You have meticulously exercised
Your freedom of expression
With a rhetoric.

I urge,
Now, If you could mind your own lives
Than dissect and decode my name.

Let my parents revel my homecoming
Till then, put your utter nonsense to rest.

Yours lovingly,
Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. 

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