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My US Visa Turned Out To Be My License To A Fake Life

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I want to tell you all my story in chapters because otherwise, I won’t do justice to my story. I am going to tell you all how small incidents changed my life. I want to begin from the day of my life when I landed in the foreign country USA and started being fake to everyone I met. Let’s say my name is Ramu (not my real name). 21st Dec 2008, on this day I landed in Chicago with high hopes to start a new life and a new career. I was an average student, never came first in class but never failed in any subject. Before telling you all how my life started being fake, I want to tell you all how I got my US visa, first. I had never been lucky in my life. I know a few of my friends who just got lucky in their visa interviews for USA.

They had submitted few fake documents for their visa and had not even spent more than 5 minutes with the US consulate to get their Visa. But I had spent almost 3 hours to convince the guy that all my documents were genuine.

CHAPTER 1: VISA INTERVIEW I did not have much hope. After all the pointless questions on my Bachelor’s education, and why I chose the University to do my masters at, and my father’s financial property questions, the final question that the consulate asked me was: Consulate: Okay kid, I am giving you two options: Option 1, I am going to verify all your documents and if I find anything is fake, then I am going to mark your passport with a Red stamp. Or Option 2, you can collect all your documents and leave the building right now.

I thought for a second. Why am I applying for this visa? What am I running away from? What is the alternative option if I don’t get a USA visa? I didn’t find the answer. I was blank.

And then I thought about my documents, did I fake anything in those? What are they going to verify? Where did I get those documents from? My mind was not helping me at all. But I realized that most of the financial documents were given to me by my dad. I trust him, that’s the only hope I had in the moment and I answered confidently to the consulate that I was ready for option 1. After 2 hours of waiting, he called me back to the counter and returned all my documents and told me to reschedule a visit again for a visa. I didn’t know what to say to him. I gave up. I knew that I am not lucky.

I collected all my documents and started walking out of the door and then out of nowhere the security guy called my name out loud and told me to go back to the counter.

Consulate: Sorry Kid, give me your passport and collect it in 7 days. Have a good day!

What just happened? Was some god watching me over and made my day lucky? Or did the consulate try to joke with me to see how I would react when he said no to my visa? That’s how I got my US visa. I had no idea that after having a genuine experience in my life like that, I had to fake everything following it.


CHAPTER 2: WELCOME TO USA coming soon.

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