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My Man In Uniform Made Me His Even Before Meeting Me; This Is Our Story

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"Kehte hai agar kisi cheez ko pure dil se chaho toh sari kaynat tumhe ussase milane mein lag jati hai"- this is so true, else how would I have ever met the man in uniform. Meeting whom was a dream come true.

What started as on and off chats, small talks, slowly turned into long conversations. Some meaningful, some sweet nothings. The physical distance(2,800 kms) could never play a spoil sport. We longed to be together. I would wait anxiously for his call and he would never miss a chance to call. I felt like a newly wed bride.

So much nervousness, but a sparkle in my eyes when I saw his name on my phone.

We wanted to meet like every other couple. On a quiet coffee date, long strolls down the street, a quick ice cream, hold hands, laugh together, get wet in the rains, a faraway candle light dinner.

Huh...I did all of these.. mentally and emotionally. I traveled for a quick dinner date or a walk by the beach by myself but with him in my heart.

Finally, our wait of meeting ended almost after a year. I created and rehearsed so many scenes - the dress I will wear, what and how will I talk, will hug and kiss him the minute I meet him etc. Finally, traveling physically to see him, I felt a shiver run down my spine. I felt weak in my legs.

As I de boarded the aircraft, I had to tell my heart to slow down. My eyes desperately searched for him in the crowd and the moment our eyes met, all the nervousness and anxiety vanished. Only the feeling of oneness existed.

It felt like a home coming, peaceful and secure.

He treated me like a queen, a thorough gentleman. Today even if we are miles apart a sense of bonding still exists. I will respect and admire him forever.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful and amazing journey of life. Be blessed always!!

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